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How Expensive is a Session?

How much does a portrait session cost? Is it expensive? You may be asking yourself these exact questions. That is sometimes the best place to start. I think it’s better to start with the RFP_7255bw
question, what do you value?

I believe that how expensive something appears is very relative to what we value. I personally find cable to be very expensive – I don’t enjoy the news, rarely watch television and as a result have turned the cable off in my home.

In contrast I love eating nice dinners out and I enjoy food that is prepared using organic, local ingredients. I think dinner for two that comes in at less than $40 is inexpensive. On that same note, I rarely eat fast food, I don’t care that I can get a burger for $1.00 – the long term costs are too expensive to me.

We all value different things in our lives. I value time more than anything. When I make an appointment with you, I am trading my time for your money. It’s really important to me that I enjoy that time as much as you do! That money will come at too high of a cost if I don’t love what I am doing.

I love connecting with families and showing that connection in my artwork. And I love creating wall art. I spend a lot of time on your portraits and I consider them to be works of art. I don’t know about you, but I think works of art deserve to be big! I love seeing photographic works of art in people’s homes that are 20×30, 30×40 or larger. I value art. I value artists. I love being surrounded by artworks that evoke emotion in me. What do you value?

What we find to be expensive is colored by what we value. People that choose me as their photographer do so because they value my work as an artist. They feel a kinship with me when they see my work. Some people might find me to be expensive, others will think I’m a bargain. It’s up to you to decide what it is that you value in your life and what you think is expensive.

If you value custom designed works of art featuring the people you love, we would love to work with you!And if you’ve gotten this far, you may be one of my people.  Go here to set up your consultation and begin the process of collaborating with me.

We offer  payment plans and will consider trades for products or sevices we would normally purchase or consider a luxury.

Our services and products are custom designed for you based on your design consultation.  Session fees start at around $150. Prints and products begin at $50 and go up. Typically customers spend around $300 – $1200+.

Wedding photography packages start at $2000 I take no more than 5 weddings per year.

Are you ready to chat with me? Yay! Pop over to my Book Me page to set up your consultation.

Be Art.

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My Favorite Things {Farm Sessions}

I play favorites. There are certain types of sessions that I love more than any others. My favorite session is always a farm session.


By farm I mean farm, cabin, camp site or any other meaningful piece of land t0 which you feel a deep sense of connection. For me it’s my gramma’s house. I’ve been going there my entire life and there are certain things that just always remain the same for me there. The tree’s get bigger, things get painted, but most of it just stays the same. It’s the place I can go when my heart needs mending, my mind needs calming or my soul needs loved on. It smells the same, feels the same and the result of returning there is always the same – my spirit feels nourished. Sometimes all I need is to take off my shoes and stand on her land barefooted to realign my spirit. Sometimes I need a sheet, my dogs and an afternoon map under the “Sally Jayne” tree that has watched over me for 41 years.

Farm portraits. Roberts Family Photography

Where do you return to again and again because it makes your heart smile, feels like home and soothes your soul? That is where I want to photograph you or the ones that you love.

Do you have an old barn with the light streaming through the cracks or do you prefer a stand of pine trees to shelter your soul? Can simply picturing your special spot next to a creek calm your nerves or do you long for your Granddad’s favorite old chair on his front porch?



I want to hang out with you in your place, your farm. I want to create an artistic memento of that place you call your heart’s home.

If this sounds like your type of portrait session – you want to book the Favorite Things Session. Right now it’s on special for $299.00. You’ll receive my favorite 5 images from the session as printable digital files plus a 12×12 canvas gallery wrap of the image of your choice. We love gallery wraps because they come ready to hang and look amazing on your walls! Of course you’ll be given the chance to purchase additional products and images from your session than just my favorites. Additional fully retouched and ready to go digital files start at $50 each. Print products start at $40. A $100 deposit holds your spot on my calendar. Contact us right away as sessions are limited and after April 15th the price on this session will likely increase. All you have to do is pay your deposit and you will have until September 1st to schedule your session. Book your session now.


The Favorite Things Session is perfect for family portraits, cousin portraits, sibling portraits, high school senior portraits and just about any other reason you can think of for portraits. Portraits taken in a place that is meaningful to you will only gain value over the years.








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Senior Portraits {Quniton Marietta High School}

You’ve probably heard of him, he’s quite the football player. He’s an all around nice fella too. He didn’t mind braving the cold and was super fun to hang out with.

We picked a classic Marietta setting to commemorate Quinton’s Senior year, Harmar Village. I love the textures and all the different nostalgic areas that Harmar Village affords. I always get to say hello to Chuck at Found and the brick streets and charming storefronts are pretty amazing as a backdrop.

We offer many different sessions for High School Seniors and many sessions include hair and make-up as well. (Quinton’s did not include hair and make-up!)

Hit us up if you are looking for a personal experience with a photographer who will make you laugh, help you relax and tailor your session to you!








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Four Months and Full of Sweet

This guy is as sweet as he can be. So are his big brother, his mama and his papa.  This four month session taken in our vintage bedroom set took place on a cold wintery afternoon – but the sun was streaming in the windows and the smiles were aplenty.  I love getting to watch a family grow in love to welcome a new life into their tribe. Sometimes you don’t even know you were missing something until all of a sudden there it is, in your arms and have fallen in love. Mr. N filled a spot in this family that was waiting just for him! Enjoy the baby chub!

four month old baby portrait natural light







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