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Booking Touch Free, Outdoor Senior Portrait Sessions for Class of 2020 and 2021

It’s hard not to feel bad for the Class of 2020 Seniors. I know my senior year was marked by tradition and rites of passage that I looked forward to my entire high school career. Our 2020 graduates spent the last days of their high school years watching (from at least six feet away) as sporting events, trips, ceremonies, proms and parties one by one get cancelled or rescheduled.

For some, their senior portrait session was one of the only – or last “normal” high school senior things they did. If you didn’t get the chance to schedule senior portraits I suggest scheduling them now.

If you feel ready to bring some normalcy back to your senior’s life we are ready to get them booked. Your senior deserves this fun, safe senior year tradition! We will help you every step of the way from choosing locations, outfits and all your favorite images. All sessions will be photographed outdoors from a safe distance.

Are you ready to book or ask questions? Click the EASY button below!

Do you have a 2021 Senior? We suggest that 2021 Seniors schedule their sessions right away to ensure that they will have this experience in their memories.

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Eliza Class of 2020

Shooting in fall of 2019 we had no idea how Eliza’s senior year would play out. I feel thankful that we had this very normal, beautiful day to commemorate such an interesting gal.

Eliza is delightfully brilliant, exceptionally kind, inquisitive, crafty and kind of quiet. Can you tell I adore her?

Eliza’s session started out at her home where we found some of the last of fall color still linger about. It was kind of magical. The light was perfect. The family’s gorgeous grey kitty sauntered into frame just long enough for me to take the most swoon worthy shot. Meow!

We then took a quick trip up river to Marietta where we shot around downtown Marietta. Eliza’s rock and roll tee-shirt looked super artsy paired with the lights of downtown.

We finished our whirlwind of a shoot down at the river. The light was shifting to dusk and it was gorgeous and perfect.

We are booking outdoor, touch-free sessions for current 2020 Seniors and 2021 Seniors. We highly recommend scheduling your shoot right way to ensure NOTHING gets in the way of this fun tradition for your Senior! Questions? Fill out this form and we will get right back with you!

Thanks for checking out Eliza’s session. We did her brother’s Senior portraits a few years back – check them out here! We are booking outdoor, touch-free sessions for current 2020 Seniors and 2021 Seniors. We highly recommend scheduling your shoot right way to ensure NOTHING gets in the way of this fun tradition for your Senior! Questions? Fill out this form and we will get right back with you!

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Porch-Rait Sessions

Hello, I hope you all are staying safe and cozy with your families and you are finding some nuggets of sweetness in the chaos of our quarantine lives. I don’t know about you, but I am still reeling a bit and trying to figure out what my new normal looks like. I know this so far, dogs really like quarantine.

I know many of you are struggling with suddenly working from home AND homeschooling your kids or finding yourself in a profession that is keeping you away from your family when all you want to do is stay home with them and make them feel safe. This sh*t is bananas!

Many micro business owners are struggling and find themselves in a bit of a safety net gap. I fall into this category.  I honestly never imagined a situation where I could so suddenly be unable to do what I do for a living.

My lovely sis-in-law to be posted some portraits by John F. Martin Photography , located just outside of Detroit, Michigan. He photographed families in his neighborhood on their porches during the quarantine this week. It looked super fun and I thought it would be a creative way to mark this very weird time in our lives. I felt inspired to offer this type of portrait session to my local friends and clients. I think portraits are a beautiful way to document this historic and absurd moment in time.

So for a limited time, Porch-raits are available as a Waynderful (in honor of my dad, Wayne)  Pay What You Can Porch-rait session. Porch-raits are fast, 5 minute portrait sessions on your porch or in front of your home while I maintain a safe distance. Feel free to include extended family members and pets.

Come as you are, dress up, dress down,  be super heros or dinosaurs, be fun, be quirky, be silly, be serious, hold up signs! Whatever you would like! Make this your own! I will offer some suggestions and help with posing and try to be the ring-master of your silly circus! 

In a couple days I  will send you an assortment of 3-5 digital files that are ready to print up to 5×7 at the lab of your choice or share online! Larger prints and wall art will be available for an additional cost. Are you interested in scheduling a Porch-rait session? Click here to fill out the form and get this party started! 

Payments can be made via paypal, venmo, zelle or by carrier pigeon, we will work it out. If your family is experiencing a financial loss due to this shut down but would still like to be photographed I am happy to do it. No questions asked. People often feel confused by Pay What You Can – I suggest picking an amount that fits your budget and that you feel is fair. In the past I have had donations ranging from $17 to $250. I have been gifted meat, eggs and cheesecakes. What I really want, more than anything is for us to all get through this together. And have some fun. So if you are in – fill out the form!

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Ayden – Parkersburg, WV, Class of 2019

Here is a little bit of a throwback to 2019 and Senior portraits with Ayden.

Our afternoon with Ayden started in downtown Parkersburg. We took advantage of the local architecture while Ayden grabbed a few minutes on four wheels. His riding seemed effortless and laid back, just like him.

Next we headed out to the old lock house, an old favorite of mine. It’s one of those ever evolving places that always feels a little dangerous but never fails to delight in light, texture and graffiti.

I think what I love most about this session is it really looks like Ayden to me. I think after seeing these images you probably have a better sense of who he is. Kind, handsome, athletic, talented and full of light.

Booking outdoor, touch-free sessions for current exiting and incoming seniors. Don’t delay in booking your session. For booking information, pricing and general questions click here.

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Music is Her Religion – Marietta Teen Portrait Session

How did this happen? Wasn’t she 12 just yesterday? When did she become a 16 year old musician that plays 2 AM gigs at fracking protests? Folks, meet Lydia.

We had the good luck of having Lydia in the Marietta, Ohio studio this week for portraits. We had the even better luck of being serenaded by her while we were photographing her. I am going to let you in on a little secret, you have not heard Bon Jovi’s Dead or Alive until you have listened to Lydia bust out her version.

Do you have a teen or a high school senior that is a musician? Maybe it’s you that is the musician! We love photographing musicians. Musicians love being photographed by us!  Andi has years of experience photographing musicians, working stages and hanging out in dark bars! Is it time for promo photos? Maybe it’s time to honor yourself or favorite musician by scheduling a rock and roll portrait session. Come prepared with a short set list and your favorite instrument. We’ll provide the moody light and interesting angles. The rest? Well that’s just magic!

Hair and Make-Up by Lauren Magruder, Styling by Jesse Hyde, Portraits by Andi Roberts


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