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Hey you! Andi Roberts here, the Director of Silliness and Soulshine at  Roberts Family Photography.

Andi Roberts

Andi here, Director of Silliness and Soulshine!

If you are dreaming of working with a portrait photographer who collaborates (or maybe schemes?) with you to orchestrate a connected, authentic, homespun portrait experience then you, my friend, may be in the right place.  If you are looking for a ton of patience with a sidecar of silly and a stellar elephant impersonation then hold the presses! You have found your girl!

I have a knack for putting people instantly at ease and creating portraits that feel real, but in that magical way .

RFP_7003rvI call it Soulshine. My strength lies in capturing the beauty that can only occur when things are imperfect. Wabi-Sabi.  Sticky hands, messy hair, sweet crooked smile. Soulshine.

I’ve also developed a flair for creating custom sets and fantasy portrait sessions with an organic feel . I love using natural materials, authentic props and costuming that will encourage you (or someone you love) to embody some other realm, moment or reality. I gain inspiration from fashion, classic art, pop culture and nature.

Lastly, I am a student of all things silly and ridiculous.

I do an elephant impersonation that is legendary and will perform it on request, almost anywhere.  I feel that laughter is the quickest way to connection and building new friendships. I require copious amounts of silliness to feel alive and connected to the world around me.

You might be wondering, what’s the next step?

You are still here!Yay! That probably means you are a person who values true connection with the people you love, authentic relationships and fun experiences that are dripping with magic and soulshine.  And that would also make you the type of person I love working with.

The first step to working with me is to set up a consultation.  Your consultation is where you and I will begin getting to know one another. We’ll talk about which type of session will allow you or your people to let their soulshine flow and we’ll begin planning, scheming, dreaming.  This is true for all types of sessions from headshots, to family sessions or high school senior portrait sessions. All sessions start with you and I getting to know one another and making sure we are a good fit.

You can find information about sessions here and you can schedule a consultation here.

I bet you would enjoy staying connected. We send out juicy bits of portrait related goodness every so often to remind you of upcoming portrait events, limited edition sets, and to give you great ideas for your next portrait adventure.  Welcome aboard!

P.S. I Also co-own and am the photographer for Hot Tomato Pin-Up Academy, Roberts Family Photography’s naughty little sister. Hot Tomato specializes in portraits of women that are fun, sexy and empowering!

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