School Of Rock

School of Rock Rochester End of Season PortraitsIf you know me, you know that I love live music! I love the energy exchange between the musicians and audience. I also love the way musicians tend to lose themselves in the music. It enables me to capture authentic expressions. So when Mike approached me about  photographing the end of season shows for the School of Rock Rochester, you know I totally jumped at the chance to capture all the energy the School of Rock musicians bring to the stage.

Photos for the September 25th, 2016 show will be ready by September 29th.

View/Order Images from the Younger’s Show

September, 25th 2016

How it works:

  1. I photograph one of the two end of season shows for the School of Rock, Rochester.
  2. Your personal rock star will blow us all away shredding on the stage like a total seasoned pro.
  3. Edited photos are posted online for purchase within a week of the performance. Here is the link to the gallery: School of Rock End of Season Gallery
  4. Photos are available for purchase for ten days and then the gallery will be closed until next season.
  5. You will order directly from the online gallery and pay online. Your portraits are shipped directly to you.
  6. If you have any questions about your order you can contact me directly. I guarantee you will love the quality of your order or I will handle getting a replacement for you.
  7. Did you miss viewing portraits from last season’s show? Don’t worry, when you view photos from this season, you will have the opportunity to view the previous seasons.
  8. Discounts – if you order within the first three days that the gallery is live you can receive a 10% discount! Just use this discount code – SORSEPT16
  9. Pricing for prints start at $8 – premium products such as metals and custom collage work are available and start at $250.
  10. I try to get great photos of every single musician that performs. I do this without knowing who intends to purchase and who doesn’t. Do you want to guarantee that your favorite rock and roll star will have multiple photographs taken of them? You can pre-pay a $25 deposit that can be used towards the purchase of portraits. Once this deposit is paid, I will email you, get some more info and give you a coupon code to use when you order photos.

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