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Farm Newborn {Violet}

Lovely little Violet. Maybe you remember the maternity session where Violet’s family was patiently awaiting her arrival. Violet was welcomed in a wonderful home birth. One moment they were a family of three, the next moment they were four.  What a lucky little girl to be born into such an amazing family. Her big sister Raven seems smitten with her. Her dad spent much of the session encouraging me to embark on my own journey to parenthood. (Yeah, I totally love him.) Mama just looked kind of blissed out and totally in love with little Violet. (She was probably delirious from lack of sleep!)

I love this family, this farm, this Violet.








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Old Barn Senior Portraits {Joab Class of 2013}

I do play favorites. It’s true. One of my favorite shooting spaces happens to be old barns. I love the way they smell,like hay and earth mixed with old wood.  I love the way the sunshine streams in through the cracks and bathes everything in warm golden light.  The texture of the wood and the architecture of the old beams beckon to me as well. I love the lines and negative space the beams create. Most of all,  I love what an old barn symbolizes to me – heritage, family, history, connection to a place, connection to land. Many of the barns I photograph in have been in the family for generations.

Joab and I talked at his portrait planning session for awhile before he mentioned the old barn with the old truck. Immediately the tone of our meeting changes, we all started getting excited.  Joab because we had finally hit upon and idea that felt authentic to him, something that represented him. I got excited because I could already see, in my minds eye,  how amazing these photos were going to turn out.His mom got excited because she loved this barn. She grew up spending time in this barn, and now it was going to be preserved in Joab senior portraits.  Can you imagine what it will be  like to look back at these photos, 50, 70, 100 years from now?

So we photographed Joab’s senior portrait session in the barn that has been in his family for at least a couple generations, and it was amazing.









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