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Welcome Bodhi Fox – Parkersburg, WV, Newborn Portrait Session

For some dang reason it has taken me forever to post this  session – this little guy is coming up on a year old now – let’s take a little walk down memory land.

Many people that know me through my other brand, Hot Tomato Pin-Up Academy,  don’t know I got my start as a baby photographer.  With this family portrait session, I took a little trip back to my roots, newborns and family in their home.  Their home happens to be an amazing converted school bus.

There are two adults, four kiddos and a couple of pets living in this hand crafted space. I have been fascinated by their journey and am an avid follower of Kristen’s instagram account. She is quite the photographer, catching some of the most authentic shots of her babies with her phone and sharing them with her friends. When she started the process of remodeling the bus I messaged her and told her I wanted to photograph her in that space. And when I learned that baby Bodhi had been born on the bus, I knew I wanted to come photograph them as their hearts grew to accommodate this new little being.

What I loved most about moving through the interior of this tiny home was realizing how they, as a family, really had to consider what was most important to them. There is no room for excess or frivolous indulgences with six humans living full time on a school bus. Pairing things down appears to create focus – I haven’t had a specific conversation with Kristen about the why’s, but if you talk to her long enough, it will come up in conversation. They simply wanted more time together to experience things as a family. In shifting life over to bus living,  they prioritized playtime, cozy, comfy sleeping areas and the ability to move around the country and explore and learn unencumbered by a mortgage.

Please take a moment to view the short video I made of their images. I have left a few of my favorite portraits below the video as well.



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Family Portraits Made Easy – Marietta, Ohio Parkersburg, WV Portrait Photographer

Three kiddos and two busy careers? Sometimes I try to sit and imagine what it must be like to juggle that full of a schedule. You wake up and have three to four people to feed plus yourself . Maybe start a load of laundry? Think about dinner, make the bed, pack a lunch, find missing socks then scoot everyone out the door in a timely fashion. I bet once you hit the door at the office things don’t get much better. And now you are working and still juggling family stuff! How do people even manage to think about scheduling portraits in the middle of a normal day?

Let’s say you managed to briefly consider the possibility of scheduling portraits. The barrage of questions that follow might go something like this:

What will I wear? What will they wear? OMG my husband. What will my husband wear? Screw this, no. No portraits. But I want portraits. I want mementos of how sweet and little they were. I need those curls in a photo. Wait a minute, the baby is kinda going through a jerk stage. What if the photographer doesn’t like jerk babies? What if she can’t get a good photo of him? What if he is just a blur because he never slows down? What if my husband ….let him try……not happening. Nope. Not doing it. Oh my God is that pee on the floor? Did I pay the cable bill? Wait, did I figure out what to wear? What if I hate the photos? What if my eye does that thing? 

Holy crap y’all? How does anyone even ever manage to schedule a session? If you have never worked with us, or it’s been awhile, you may not know how we help you every step of the way. Making that first contact is the hard part, but honestly, we make that easy too.  We help pick out and coordinate clothes (heck we can even shop for you!) We don’t mind if your husband wears his ball cap, his favorite shirt or tells us corny jokes. We don’t mind if you message us 27 times because you are obsessed with the perfect shade of Morrocan blue. We also don’t mind if you just show up and say, “Do your thing photographer lady!”

We’ve got you. We will handle all the little details so you can relax and enjoy yourself. You will be cared for like a cherished friend.  You will love your portraits. That is a promise.  And yes, we love jerk babies. Because we know if you wait five minutes or impersonate an elephant, they will be back to adorable little pile of curls and chub in no time! And when you arrive at the studio and put yourself in our care we know that sometimes it wasn’t easy for you to get here! Thank you!

Now this family below – they made it look easy. Their baby was NOT going through a jerk phase – just a super cute one. Honestly, I think every single one of them is going through a cute stage. Mama opted for the luxurious treat of hair and make-up so she arrived before hubby and had time to relax while we created a look for her that she loved! We like to keep it light and natural for family portraits. The Mister arrived with the kiddos just as Mama was finishing in the make-up chair. Having had a few hours to herself to recharge she was refreshed and excited to see her crew arrive. In just a few minutes we were clicking away, giggling and capturing not just photos of the this sweet family but the spirit of the family too! We built in time to relax, enjoy and really have fun as a family. Great photos? That was just a bonus.

Are you ready to work with us? Press the easy button!


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Bucket List : Volkswagen Bus Session

Interesting Andi fact, I once spent part of a summer living in a 1966 Volkswagen Bus. I was on summer break from Ohio University and worked for one of my besties Denise doing hair wraps on Hilton Head Island. I stayed between Savannah and Hilton Head Island in a little town called Bluffton, SC. It was an adorable campground with the most beautiful roaming peacocks and a ton of pecan trees. More about the peacocks later.

I had been happily occupying a tent for about three weeks when Das Bus (pronounced Dahs Boose)  became available. I was grateful to move into more luxurious digs. Living in Das Bus definitely had it’s advantages over a tent – doors that locked, no rain leaking in, a solid floor and a comfy bed. I can still smell that distinctive scent of old Volkswagen mixed with “incense”. It felt safe and it was always warm from having been parked in the sun all day. Surprisingly, there were a few disadvantages too.

Example: In addition to being my boudoir, Das Bus was also a primary source of transportation for my employer’s husband. To paint a clearer picture, he was a passive-aggressive, feminist fearing, bearded hippie. This particular hippie had little regard for my bedtime. I would meander about with no particular place to be until he would VWBUSeventually show up. Once he would finally return to the campground with my bedroom, I would gratefully slip inside. I instantly felt cozy and secure in my little tin can oasis where I would read or journal. I would drift off into a blissful slumber and only occasionally be jolted awake by the screams of the peacocks. Like I said, it was mixed bag.

Having briefly lived in a Das Bus has done a few things for me. First and foremost, hippie street cred. I never went on tour, but I did live in a Bus.  Second, I notice when a Bus has a split windshield. Split windshields means it was built before 1967.  Lastly, I feel nostalgic and inspired to do a Volkswagen Bus shoot at some point. It is the first portrait session to make my bucket list.

Volkswagen Buses are hard to come by. Buses that run and are in good shape are even harder to come by…but I might have a lead on one. And my bucket list session might be happening!

I picture a relaxed family portrait session, or a fun senior portrait session with lots of bright and colors and laughter using the Bus interiors and exteriors as atmosphere. I imagine a family snuggled in the bed, reading, telling stories and rough housing. For seniors I could see someone curled up with a pile of books or a journal and a guitar with fun boho inspired hair and make-up.

What would you do with images from a shoot like this? Well anything you wanted of course! Amazing holiday cards with the words Peace maybe? I think it would fun to decorate a family room with gallery wraps from a bus session. I picture lots of bright large canvas gallery wraps grouped together or a custom designed album to commemorate the experience.

Are you a family that loves to travel of just has a thing for all things 60’s? Do you love being cozy together and feel inspired by the iconic feel and hippie values that a Volkswagen Bus shoot would vibe? Let me know and if this session happens I will give you first dibs on a spot.

I have been inspired by a couple of my favorite photographers that have already done a Bus shoot, Tara Whitney and Barb Uil. Check them out for some amazing inspiration if you are a photographer! You will see their work on this mood board I put together on Pinterest!

Check out my mood board Bucket List: Volkswagen Bus Portraits on Pinterest.

Roberts Family Photography has the skills and the resources to pull off customized portrait sessions from simple to the most epic! What is your bucket list portrait session? I want to hear about it! I may be interested in shooting it.

photo credit: VW Volkswagen Bus with Canoe via photopin (license)

AMR_9602Andi Roberts is the director of Silliness and Sunshine at Roberts Family Photography and Hot Tomato Pin-Up Academy. Andi splits her time between Marietta, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan.

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To Ten Reasons To Schedule A Holiday Portrait Session With Roberts Family Photography

Top 10 Reasons to Schedule a Roberts Holiday Session Today:

1. Andi’s photographic super power is patience – yes, even with your kids (or husband)!

2. Shopping local and supporting local art will make you feel good!

3. You can mark “Holiday Portraits” off your to do list AND make your mom happy!

4. Sessions with Andi are fun and relaxed! Who doesn’t need more of that?

5. Andi’s 10 years of experience means you don’t have to worry if the portraits will turn out, you know she will nail it – even if your kids are squirrely!

6. Andi does an amazing elephant impersonation – on demand.

7. 300% fewer time outs, hollow threats, use of duct tape and spankings than doing it yourself!

8. Our set is indoors and cozy warm! No freezing your buns off with an outdoor mini session or hoping for no rain! And homestly, no one builds a set like a Roberts set!

9. Roberts Family Sets are fun and interactive, we don’t mind if your kiddo explores and touches things.

10. Twenty years from now, you will never regret having a portrait of your kiddos and family exactly the way they are right this minute – despite the missing tooth, unruly hair, braces, awkward stage, superman cape, ball cap, pink sparkle kitten shirt, ripped jeans, diva attitude, emo attitude, wild two year old mayhem, your extra 15, 20, 50 lbs or any other reason you are telling yourself that you can’t do portraits now.

Top Ten Reasons To Schedule With Roberts Family Photography

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Cool Summer Creeking Portrait Session



Hot days, cool water, smell of the earth, reflections, crawdads, frogs, newts, minnows and giggles. Our creeking sessions are the perfect opportunity to capture magical portraits of your family.

Creeking sessions are perfect for kids of all ages from 3 to adult! We find they are the perfect setting for sibling or even cousin portraits. We create the perfect storm by centering portraits around a fun filled activity that will hold the attention of kids of all ages.

We suggest clothing that is colorful and bright (avoid green, yellow and browns as they tend to blend into the scenery.) Add in a pair of adorable rain boots and you have yourself a fun filled portrait session. If any of your kiddos have long hair we suggest pulling it back with a barrette or hair tie as they will be bending over to look at stuff in the water and in buckets and we don’t want to miss any of their gorgeous smiles.

To prep your kids for their creeking session we suggest encouraging them to learn about the creatures we might find in a local creek. This session can be offered as a mini session which would offer your kiddo 20 minutes of play and photos but we  generally suggest a full session, which lasts an hour to an hour and a half.

Customers that are interested in wall art of a creeking session often choose a storyboard with 6-9 images for their final piece:

Nine Square Storyboard

Other folks find it too hard to narrow it down to 6 or 9 favorite images and choose an album:

0001 0002 0003b 0004b 0005 0006b 0007b 0008b 0009b 0010b 0011b 0012b 0013b 0014 0015 0016b 0017b 0018b 0019b 0020



Session Details:


Ages 3 to adult


Suited for sibling groups, cousins, best friends or families.


Pre portrait session activity suggestions:

Learn about frogs or other stuff we might find.


Clothing, colorful – cute rain boots – keep hair out of face, they will bend over a lot.


Avoid green, yellows and browns -tends to blend into trees


Plan to spend an hour and half minimum.


Bring clothes to change into afterward


We’ll provide provide buckets, nets and stories to tell for years to come.


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