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Happy Fathers Day


I met Scott just before he was to marry his lovely bride Samantha. They had been high school sweethearts and now Scott was in the military and Sam was finishing up college. And though I didn’t know him at all, it was obvious that he was head over heels for Sam.

Scott and Sam at their wedding reception.

Scott and Sam at their wedding reception.

I had contact with Scott several more times over the years when he would be in on leave. He has always been a little reserved, a little quiet around me. To his credit he has been, only slightly irritated, when I ask him to sit on the wet ground in his clean jeans, take off his shirt for bare chested maternity portraits, or hold that pose just one moment longer as I capture his wife’s growing belly. I know Scott doesn’t always love having his portrait taken, but I know that he loves Sam and he always shows up, always plays along and even makes really great suggestions for photos.

Scott is finally out of the military and is not just a husband to Sam, but is now Daddy to Abby and Eric. During Eric’s newborn portrait session this week I captured a side of Scott that I had yet to meet – him being an amazing Dad. I could not help but smile as I looked through the viewfinder of my trusty Nikon to see the most genuine smile break across his face as he held his son. I watched him, over and over again, use love, snuggles and rough housing to distract Miss Abby when she needed redirection. And when she needed a break from the photo shoot and he took her out to splash in a puddle I heard, what I can only call pride, in his voice when he called out to Sam, “Your daughter just sh*t on the deck.” He laughed, made sure we got to see it, then cleaned her and the mess up.

Here are a few things I know about this man, he loves to fish, he isn’t afraid of hard work and he is an amazing father. Not the kind that comes home at the end of the day and tosses the kids around for a few minutes while Sam makes dinner, but the kind of Dad that is tired at the end of the day because he has been doing all his normal daily stuff with a little blonde haired, blue eyed, 18 month old country girl by his side much of the time. He is a man that has spent way too much time away from his family serving his country and now, doesn’t take a minute of it for granted. This man is a good Dad.

This post is written to honor all the Dads that show up, take part, agree to be photographed over and over and over again because somewhere, in their heart they know how important it is for their families. But mostly, this blog is dedicated to Scott and the Daddy that he has become in just 18 short months. I cannot wait to see the Dad you will become over the next 18 years.







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