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To Ten Reasons To Schedule A Holiday Portrait Session With Roberts Family Photography

Top 10 Reasons to Schedule a Roberts Holiday Session Today:

1. Andi’s photographic super power is patience – yes, even with your kids (or husband)!

2. Shopping local and supporting local art will make you feel good!

3. You can mark “Holiday Portraits” off your to do list AND make your mom happy!

4. Sessions with Andi are fun and relaxed! Who doesn’t need more of that?

5. Andi’s 10 years of experience means you don’t have to worry if the portraits will turn out, you know she will nail it – even if your kids are squirrely!

6. Andi does an amazing elephant impersonation – on demand.

7. 300% fewer time outs, hollow threats, use of duct tape and spankings than doing it yourself!

8. Our set is indoors and cozy warm! No freezing your buns off with an outdoor mini session or hoping for no rain! And homestly, no one builds a set like a Roberts set!

9. Roberts Family Sets are fun and interactive, we don’t mind if your kiddo explores and touches things.

10. Twenty years from now, you will never regret having a portrait of your kiddos and family exactly the way they are right this minute – despite the missing tooth, unruly hair, braces, awkward stage, superman cape, ball cap, pink sparkle kitten shirt, ripped jeans, diva attitude, emo attitude, wild two year old mayhem, your extra 15, 20, 50 lbs or any other reason you are telling yourself that you can’t do portraits now.

Top Ten Reasons To Schedule With Roberts Family Photography

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