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Eliza Class of 2020

Shooting in fall of 2019 we had no idea how Eliza’s senior year would play out. I feel thankful that we had this very normal, beautiful day to commemorate such an interesting gal.

Eliza is delightfully brilliant, exceptionally kind, inquisitive, crafty and kind of quiet. Can you tell I adore her?

Eliza’s session started out at her home where we found some of the last of fall color still linger about. It was kind of magical. The light was perfect. The family’s gorgeous grey kitty sauntered into frame just long enough for me to take the most swoon worthy shot. Meow!

We then took a quick trip up river to Marietta where we shot around downtown Marietta. Eliza’s rock and roll tee-shirt looked super artsy paired with the lights of downtown.

We finished our whirlwind of a shoot down at the river. The light was shifting to dusk and it was gorgeous and perfect.

We are booking outdoor, touch-free sessions for current 2020 Seniors and 2021 Seniors. We highly recommend scheduling your shoot right way to ensure NOTHING gets in the way of this fun tradition for your Senior! Questions? Fill out this form and we will get right back with you!

Thanks for checking out Eliza’s session. We did her brother’s Senior portraits a few years back – check them out here! We are booking outdoor, touch-free sessions for current 2020 Seniors and 2021 Seniors. We highly recommend scheduling your shoot right way to ensure NOTHING gets in the way of this fun tradition for your Senior! Questions? Fill out this form and we will get right back with you!

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Mama Love {Marietta Maternity Session}

I love a good maternity session. I love it even more when the subject is someone who is near and dear to my heart and part of my crew. Gorgeous Abigail is one of my regular make-artists over at Hot Tomato Portraits and a daily presence in my world. To say that we are excited about the arrival of the newest member of our family would be a massive understatement. We are downright giddy with anticipation! Her maternity session was fun and sweet – just like her. Her fella Seth is pretty awesome too. Take a look for yourself.

Maternity sessions are best scheduled for the end of the 7th month through the 8th month.  We love to time it for that sweet spot where you look very pregnant but can still move around comfortably (mostly). Do you need more information? Are you ready to book with us? Just fill out this form and someone will get right back to you!


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Simple, Short and Sweet Mini Portrait Session in Marietta, Ohio

This is a family that is easy to love. They are full of laughs and wit. Mama is so funny and Dad, well that fella is just full of surprises! They make some pretty cute kids too. And that little red headed baby girl has been the icing on top for this family! She is so sweet and full of smiles.  These folks genuinely like one another and you can see it in these portraits.

We did a quick 20 minute mini session in Sacra Via Park a couple of weeks ago. It was simple, it was fast and they ended up with so many images they loved!

Sometimes portraits can seem like such a hassle! If you want the relief of knowing that portraits are handled for the year, that your mom can now quit nagging you for portrait, and that you can order some hella cute Christmas cards without rushing around to try and schedule a portrait session during the busiest part of portrait season then you need to push the EASY button below!

Are you looking for something less simple? A little more involved? We have that too! Check out our  Adventure Sessions!

Mini Sessions are $249 through end of July (you don’t have to shoot in July) and include a $200 product credit.

We will proof off of 5×7 prints so you can really see what you are getting and even take portraits home with you the day of your proofing! What does a $200 product credit get you? It could be 4 – 8×10’s OR 1 8×10, 2 5×7’s and 8 wallets, OR 3 fully retouched digital files OR $200 off a bigger collection.  The options are endless!

Are you ready to book? Press the Easy Button below to pay your $249 – we will contact you right away to schedule (don’t worry, we are pretty flexible and offer evenings and weekends!) Simple, easy, priceless.




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Creeking Sessions Are Back – Marietta, Ohio Portrait Photography

Hot summer days in Marietta, Ohio and the surrounding areas of Parkersburg, West Virginia mean searching for that perfect place to cool off in the shade. Sometimes it can also mean finding that perfect place for portraits that encourages fun, natural expressions, exploration and tons of giggling! Creeking Sessions have become a summer tradition for many Roberts Family Photography Clients.

Summer Creeking Portrait Sessions were inspired by one of my favorite childhood memories. As the end of the school year approached I would start counting down the days until I left for Girl Scout Camp at Camp Wakatomika with my best friend, Lea. We joyfully participated in all kinds of fun stuff at camp, singing, campfires, midnight fairy walks and arts and crafts. One of my most treasured memories was what the counselors called creeking. Essentially we would hike down to the creek that ran through the bottom of the camp and hike (or tromp) through it. We would splash, laugh, look under rocks and enjoy a couple hours exploring and staying cool. I remember begging for more time in the creek!

It has been my experience that most kids cannot resist water. They also can’t help smiling when playing in water. This is the perfect storm for a memorable portrait session full of natural smiles and expressions. Most families that participate in our creeking sessions say their kids talk about portraits for days because they had so much fun!

Check out this fun session from last summer that featured a couple of my favorite pals and an appearance by my favorite mermaid! I cannot tell you how much fun we had looking under rocks, catching things with our nets and throwing rocks to create huge ker-plunks!

Are you looking for a way to get great portraits of your kids AND create some of the best memories of the summer? Creeking Sessions are normally $299 and include 90 minutes of smiles, laughter, splashes and portraits. If you book by June 14th – your Creeking Session will be $199! Your session can be customized to include family portraits, a beloved family pet or a gaggle of cousins! Contact us today to reserve your spot!


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Lil’ Bear {Marietta, Ohio Baby Photography}

After five long months of waiting I finally got to meet this sweet little boy and photograph him. He has sparkly blue eyes, a dimple in his chin like his Mama and the sunniest disposition. He was happy to be the center of attention and full of smiles when his mama tickled him.  Five months is a fun age, they are generally pretty smiley, not very mobile, but can be propped and hold their heads ups while on their tummies. I love that Mama came prepared to be photographed as well, most babies this age are still very attached to Mama and being held is their most natural state!  Thanks for stopping by Lil’ Bear! You can check out Mama’s maternity session here!


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Settling Into The New Marietta Portrait Studio

We are up and running in our new downtown Marietta, Ohio portrait studio space! And oh my goodness I LOVE being in Marietta! It is a quick walk to a couple of my favorite places – The Galley/Adelphia, SWAGG , Focus and the Buckley House to name a few and Marietta is just so damn charming!

Many of you may already know that 2014 was a doozy of year for me both personally and professionally. I sold my family home in July, started living part time in Detroit and opened a new studio space in downtown Marietta. Honestly, the new studio space was a total surprise to me. I was not certain exactly what we were going to do when the house sold and a great solution just happened to unfold for us!It has been an amazing adventure and things are finally starting to settle down into what I call my new normal.

Andi’s new normal looks something like this: I travel the five hours back to the Mid Ohio Valley twice a month for portrait sessions. I work remotely from the Detroit area for the rest of the month editing, taking care of office type stuff, snuggling my fur babies, exploring Detroit and hanging with my curly headed love. It can be a bit hectic at times but so far I am enjoying it! Flexibility, an amazing tribe of friends, Google Hangouts and the ever amazing Jesse Hyde have been key to a smooth transition.

Speaking of Jesse, now would be a great time to mention that we are sharing studio space with our sister studio Hot Tomato Pin-Up Academy and we are loving it!

Our studio is an old warehouse space on the third floor of Putnam Commons (the old JCPenny building). It has a rough, loft feel with wood floors, tall windows, exposed brick and some very interesting architectural details.

The space is dreamy, with abundant natural light and tons of room for sets and props. More space means that I can easily accommodate indoor sessions no matter what the weather holds so there are fewer reschedules. Natural light allows me to accommodate kiddos (or any folks for that matter) who don’t react well to flash photography.

We would love for you to stop by sometime! Just drop us a line and let us know you would like to see the new space! We are booking now for April, May and all of 2015. Your session starts here!

Here are some images from the new space –





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Senior Portraits {Quniton Marietta High School}

You’ve probably heard of him, he’s quite the football player. He’s an all around nice fella too. He didn’t mind braving the cold and was super fun to hang out with.

We picked a classic Marietta setting to commemorate Quinton’s Senior year, Harmar Village. I love the textures and all the different nostalgic areas that Harmar Village affords. I always get to say hello to Chuck at Found and the brick streets and charming storefronts are pretty amazing as a backdrop.

We offer many different sessions for High School Seniors and many sessions include hair and make-up as well. (Quinton’s did not include hair and make-up!)

Hit us up if you are looking for a personal experience with a photographer who will make you laugh, help you relax and tailor your session to you!








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Jackson, Mama & Daddy {Mini Session}

This super sweet family is always a joy to photograph. They have great senses of humor, fabulous fashion sense and super fun to hang out with. They had made plans to move from West Virginia to Texas and wanted a family portrait session to commemorate their time in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We had a super fun mini session  in historical  Harmar Village, Marietta, Ohio. We  got several great shots in about 20 minutes. I love the outfits Mama picked out – lot’s of patterns and not too matchy – matchy.

Mini sessions are great way to commemorate special occasions, slip in a quick family portrait or accommodate the attention span of a two year old! Is a mini session the right choice for you? Would you like us to help you choose the right portrait session for your family? Then contact us today!

Family portrait session, Harmar Village, Marietta Ohio.

Family portrait session, Harmar Village, Marietta Ohio.

Family portrait session, Harmar Village, Marietta Ohio.

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