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Creeking Sessions Are Back – Marietta, Ohio Portrait Photography

Hot summer days in Marietta, Ohio and the surrounding areas of Parkersburg, West Virginia mean searching for that perfect place to cool off in the shade. Sometimes it can also mean finding that perfect place for portraits that encourages fun, natural expressions, exploration and tons of giggling! Creeking Sessions have become a summer tradition for many Roberts Family Photography Clients.

Summer Creeking Portrait Sessions were inspired by one of my favorite childhood memories. As the end of the school year approached I would start counting down the days until I left for Girl Scout Camp at Camp Wakatomika with my best friend, Lea. We joyfully participated in all kinds of fun stuff at camp, singing, campfires, midnight fairy walks and arts and crafts. One of my most treasured memories was what the counselors called creeking. Essentially we would hike down to the creek that ran through the bottom of the camp and hike (or tromp) through it. We would splash, laugh, look under rocks and enjoy a couple hours exploring and staying cool. I remember begging for more time in the creek!

It has been my experience that most kids cannot resist water. They also can’t help smiling when playing in water. This is the perfect storm for a memorable portrait session full of natural smiles and expressions. Most families that participate in our creeking sessions say their kids talk about portraits for days because they had so much fun!

Check out this fun session from last summer that featured a couple of my favorite pals and an appearance by my favorite mermaid! I cannot tell you how much fun we had looking under rocks, catching things with our nets and throwing rocks to create huge ker-plunks!

Are you looking for a way to get great portraits of your kids AND create some of the best memories of the summer? Creeking Sessions are normally $299 and include 90 minutes of smiles, laughter, splashes and portraits. If you book by June 14th – your Creeking Session will be $199! Your session can be customized to include family portraits, a beloved family pet or a gaggle of cousins! Contact us today to reserve your spot!


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Flower Child {Tatum Class of 2013}

She is silly, and happy and full of life. She loves to have fun, jump around, laugh and be silly. Tatum is a girl that knows how to live life to the fullest, and, she is adorable. She is also a girl after my own heart, her Senior trip was a trip to Bonnaroo Music Festival – a festival that has been on my music bucket list for quite some time!

Tatum chose one of our Walkabout sessions, we spent some time in downtown Parkersburg, then headed up to Fort Boreman as the sun started to drop. When Tatum placed her order, she went with one of our Signature products, a storyboard designed just for her. We filled with several of her favorite images and customized the colors to compliment the portraits.

We had a great time and I love how soft some of the images in the field look.







RFP_0442 RFP_0494





EW Couture November 2010 Free Download file

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Maddie {Class of 2013}

Beautiful Maddie came in from Columbus to have her senior portraits taken by Roberts Family Photography.  I was important to her that she have a senior portrait experience that stood out and was designed just for her. She is a city girl at heart, who has a flair for fashion and comes from a family of four girls.  Maddie chose a Walkabout Plus Senior Portrait Session so we spent time in the studio and walking about, looking for interesting texture, great lighting and the perfect spot to showcase her smile.  If you are interested in a Walkabout Senior Portrait Session go here>










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