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How Expensive is a Session?

How much does a portrait session cost? Is it expensive? You may be asking yourself these exact questions. That is sometimes the best place to start. I think it’s better to start with the RFP_7255bw
question, what do you value?

I believe that how expensive something appears is very relative to what we value. I personally find cable to be very expensive – I don’t enjoy the news, rarely watch television and as a result have turned the cable off in my home.

In contrast I love eating nice dinners out and I enjoy food that is prepared using organic, local ingredients. I think dinner for two that comes in at less than $40 is inexpensive. On that same note, I rarely eat fast food, I don’t care that I can get a burger for $1.00 – the long term costs are too expensive to me.

We all value different things in our lives. I value time more than anything. When I make an appointment with you, I am trading my time for your money. It’s really important to me that I enjoy that time as much as you do! That money will come at too high of a cost if I don’t love what I am doing.

I love connecting with families and showing that connection in my artwork. And I love creating wall art. I spend a lot of time on your portraits and I consider them to be works of art. I don’t know about you, but I think works of art deserve to be big! I love seeing photographic works of art in people’s homes that are 20×30, 30×40 or larger. I value art. I value artists. I love being surrounded by artworks that evoke emotion in me. What do you value?

What we find to be expensive is colored by what we value. People that choose me as their photographer do so because they value my work as an artist. They feel a kinship with me when they see my work. Some people might find me to be expensive, others will think I’m a bargain. It’s up to you to decide what it is that you value in your life and what you think is expensive.

If you value custom designed works of art featuring the people you love, we would love to work with you!And if you’ve gotten this far, you may be one of my people.  Go here to set up your consultation and begin the process of collaborating with me.

We offer  payment plans and will consider trades for products or sevices we would normally purchase or consider a luxury.

Our services and products are custom designed for you based on your design consultation.  Session fees start at around $150. Prints and products begin at $50 and go up. Typically customers spend around $300 – $1200+.

Wedding photography packages start at $2000 I take no more than 5 weddings per year.

Are you ready to chat with me? Yay! Pop over to my Book Me page to set up your consultation.

Be Art.

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