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Cool Summer Creeking Portrait Session



Hot days, cool water, smell of the earth, reflections, crawdads, frogs, newts, minnows and giggles. Our creeking sessions are the perfect opportunity to capture magical portraits of your family.

Creeking sessions are perfect for kids of all ages from 3 to adult! We find they are the perfect setting for sibling or even cousin portraits. We create the perfect storm by centering portraits around a fun filled activity that will hold the attention of kids of all ages.

We suggest clothing that is colorful and bright (avoid green, yellow and browns as they tend to blend into the scenery.) Add in a pair of adorable rain boots and you have yourself a fun filled portrait session. If any of your kiddos have long hair we suggest pulling it back with a barrette or hair tie as they will be bending over to look at stuff in the water and in buckets and we don’t want to miss any of their gorgeous smiles.

To prep your kids for their creeking session we suggest encouraging them to learn about the creatures we might find in a local creek. This session can be offered as a mini session which would offer your kiddo 20 minutes of play and photos but we  generally suggest a full session, which lasts an hour to an hour and a half.

Customers that are interested in wall art of a creeking session often choose a storyboard with 6-9 images for their final piece:

Nine Square Storyboard

Other folks find it too hard to narrow it down to 6 or 9 favorite images and choose an album:

0001 0002 0003b 0004b 0005 0006b 0007b 0008b 0009b 0010b 0011b 0012b 0013b 0014 0015 0016b 0017b 0018b 0019b 0020



Session Details:


Ages 3 to adult


Suited for sibling groups, cousins, best friends or families.


Pre portrait session activity suggestions:

Learn about frogs or other stuff we might find.


Clothing, colorful – cute rain boots – keep hair out of face, they will bend over a lot.


Avoid green, yellows and browns -tends to blend into trees


Plan to spend an hour and half minimum.


Bring clothes to change into afterward


We’ll provide provide buckets, nets and stories to tell for years to come.


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